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Welcome to :

IRIDESCENT Kennels, where you will find information on us and our Rough Collies and Pomeranians .

We Breed :

Family raised Pomeranians & Rough Collies from the finest combinations in Pedigrees ...In our breeding we find it most important to breed in the first place for Caracter & Typ.We are a hobbybreeder and will breed only occasionally .Our main goal in breeding is to breed a very Typed and great caracter Collie with a sound movement .We breed the Rough Collie in the colours : Sable Blue Merle and Tricolour. The Pomeranian we Breed in all colours .

Our Location :

We are located in The Netherlands in the middle of this small country in a little village with lots of old farmhouses .We do own there a nice free home with a big yard for our dogs to play and run around .We prefer the serenety of the "Countryliving " above the busy life of the city . Our Dogs are taken to the city on turns so they get accustomed to the busy "  Streetlife  " also .


In  the Showring :

We are not frequent visitors of Shows due to reasons of too little time on our hands and unfortunately their are in our country few REAL Breedspecialist invited to judge on shows . And we prefer to attend shows with Breedspecialists and not go to shows with " Allround judges ".But nevertheless we will be present at several Shows during each year ...


Our puppies :

Our puppies are born in our livingroom and we do our utmost best to Socialize them in a way they need .They get in touch with all the household noises and are getting much contact with our other dogs and offcourse with people.They are Vaccinated at 6 weeks old and dewurmed at different times during their first 8 weeks .They will leave our home  with a European  Petpassport and a FCI Pedigree and Micro Chip and DNA tested .We put a lot of work into a litter as well as providing the puppy with all kinds of the best foods neccesary in their first weeks for giving them a healthy start in life .Also the Pedigrees behind our puppies are choosen with the most care ,we are not just putting a male and a female together but really searching for the best combinations . In order to do that we might have to travel a lot for making the combination we are looking for .


Our life with the Collies :

Our dogs are living with us in the House and NOT staying in kennels !! We do Obedience and Agilty Training with some of our dogs especially with the younger dogs .They all have their Certificates from Obedience .We do not keep too many dogs at home and we are lucky to have the possibitly to have several collies living in Co-Ownerhsip with gives us more space at home and more time for each individual dog.


Export :

We have EXPORTED several of our Rough Collies abroad among others to France / Germany / Tschech Republic/USA (United States of America ) / Kazachstan /Romania /Denmark/Norway.


The  Family :

Is me and my husband and our dogs are our " children ".So we dedicate our lifes completely to them !!We have collies since 1988. And Pomeranians since 2012 We love to visit other breeders and we can talk for hours about our favorite breeds. Also we love to do gardenwork and another great hobby is Photographing and Website Designing .


Our Goal :

We try to make the best of what God has given us concerning to our dogs as we are only here on this earth temporarily.