Amerikaanse USA Zijdehoender /American USA Silkies : Meet OUR PASSION  :

We are breeding American USA Silkies  who come from bloodlines who where directly Imported from the USA and other EU countries but always with 100 % USA Bloodlines .....they differ a lot from the welknown EU standard typ of Silkies ....


What we breed : 

100 % pure bred USA Silkies . In several different colours . We breed for our hobby and love for this wunderfull breed . There is a large difference between the USA Silkie and the EU standard Silkie . The USA have shorter bodies ...more compact round broader / wider in chest and larger headfeathers and feathers on their feet it is preferred they have feathers on all toes . The neck is shorter and also the backs are shorter creating the more " S " shape and lays the accent more on the roundness of the whole body. They are all bred by the American SOP (Standard of Perfection ) breed for the bloodlines where they come from. 


Some of the colours we breed : 

* Red

* Paint

* Blue

* Black 

* White

* BC

* RedPyle

* Splash

* Lavendel

* Gray ; Moorheads & Chinchilla 

* Buff


We also have some Projects in the work :-) 

Below some pictures of the USA Silkies in Regular and Frizzle (Satins )

Black Female Regular 

White Rooster USA Regular 

Blue USA Pullets Regular

Splash USA Rooster 

Splash USA Frizzle Satin Rooster 

 USA Frizzle Satin Pullet 

Smooth Satin USA Pullets

Black USA regular Roosters